Gretchen once flew jets to support her six-string habit. She holds a BA in music from Smith College where she studied classical guitar under the tutelage of Phillip de Fremery. Her musical interests and inclinations span centuries and genres: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Ravel, Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Page, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck…  

Her first solo album, Hale Souls (2011) is an offering of original, instrumental works. Her second release, Abandon All Hope (2016) blends modern and classical instruments in intricate, cinematic compositions that evoke a musical journey through Dante’s underworld. She is currently working on a third solo album, set for release in late 2020. 

She is the guitarist and a founding member of Zepparella, the acclaimed Led Zeppelin tribute, and has performed as a solo artist throughout the U.S. and in guitar festivals in Switzerland and Germany.  

Gretchen is also passionate about sharing her love of music through education. She teaches masterclasses and clinics, contributes lessons for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, has a instructional course available on, produces free YouTube lessons for the Zepparella Learning Channel, and author of THE WAY MUSIC WORKS: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO USING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC TO UNLOCK THE FRETBOARD & YOUR CREATIVITY published by  Stringletter Media.

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