A virtual world music ensemble rolled into one guy. His voice weaves incantations, and the guitar is a magic wand in the hands of this extraordinary musician.-—The Takoma Park Folk Festival

Visually and musically, Tom is the most compelling presence to emerge in the singer-songwriter genre as I’ve seen in a long time.—Jim Bessman, Billboard

A year ago Tom Prasada-Rao wrote $20 Bill (for George Floyd), of which Peter Blackstock of the Austin American Statesman said: “song of the year probably – I mean this is a song Bob Dylan should cover”.  It has since been covered over 200 times (though not yet by Dylan).

NPR’s Jake Blount calls TPR “a gentle giant on the folk scene since the early nineties” having played venues all over the country, producing records and teaching songwriting including eight years at UVA’s Young Writers’ Workshops (where he created the songwriting curriculum).

Born in Ethiopia, the son of south-Asian immigrants, TPR combines his Indian heritage with a love of R&B in a style that is “as far from boring folk music you can get and still be holding an acoustic guitar” – Free Times, Columbia SC